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Sacro Occipital Technique

Otherwise known as SOT

SOT is a gentle, non-invasive technique suitable for everyone. Its benefits are like that of traditional chiropractic, going far beyond the spine, reaching out to every organ and cell of the body to restore health. 

You will recognise SOT by the use of Blocks placed under the pelvis according to your specific needs. This is followed by adjusting the spine at the indicated levels and where necessary gently working on the cranial (skull) system.

For more information see the SOTO website.

Traditional Chiropractic

Traditional Chiropractic - a safe and effective method used where indicated to mobilise the joints and relieve muscle spasm and nerve irritation.


If you prefer traditional chiropractic care or SOT care, the choice is always up to you. Traditional chiropractic care is also a popular choice for patients.

The Activator®

The chiropractors at the Curtin Chiropractic Centre also use an instrument called the ‘Activator®’ 

The activator is used as an alternative to manual adjustments in accordance with the procedures of Activator Systems®. 

For more information see the Activator Methods website.